Guitar Parts Center

Guitar Parts Center


In addition to offering electric guitar templates, Guitar Parts Center offers decorative,
font, and emblematic inlays from almost all standard and non-standard materials.

We can create custom traditional patterns (individually or in sets)
for your unique design and materials specifications.

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Variety of Decorative Inlays (Electric Guitar Templates)
Variety of Decorative Inlays (Electric Guitar Templates)
Variety of Emblem Inlays (Electric Guitar Templates)
Variety of Font Inlays (Electric Guitar Templates)

For over 35 years, Guitar Parts Center has been engineering many varieties of
unique machining tools/templates, and manufacturing custom parts and finishes.

We perform all types of classic guitar repair/restoration.

We offer laser etching and engraving.

We can perform CNC cutting of necks, bodies, fingerboards, and head caps.

We can craft custom shell-inlaid custom pickguards, and rod covers.

We offer wood sets and blanks for every guitar builder.

We make custom tools and jigs to make your job easier and your guitars better.

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